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For most dental practices, a great online reputation is crucial for practice success. After restaurant and hotel reviews, reviews of dental practices and medical services are the most read online reviews. They are also the most important factor in choosing that business.

More top reviews, more new patients.

Are You a Three or Five Star Dentist?

What are people saying about your practice online? Are you defined by a few bad apples that left a negative review, or the the hundreds of satisfied patients you see every year? Are you finding it difficult to attract new patients because they keep on running into your bad reviews?

The cost of a bad reputation can be extremely high. For many practices, they are looking at hundreds of thousands dollars in lost revenue and revenue they could have had, if they had a great reputation in their city.

Your online reputation is one of your most important marketing assets. Dentist and doctor reviews are one of the top read online review categories, second only to restaurants and hotels. For most new patients, reviews are also the most important factor in choosing that business. The proliferation of review sites like Yelp, Google, Healthgrades, Facebook and others, make it critical for dental practices to protect and develop their online reputations.

Proven Local Review Software

We automate new reviews

  • Reputation marketing converts customers into reviewers
  • Guide unfamiliar customers to sites where you want reviews

We prevent negative reviews

  • Reach unhappy customers before they bad-mouth your business on the Internet
  • Give your staff a second chance to turn a negative customer experience around

We monitor your reviews

  • Easy reporting shows all your reviews in one central location
  • No need to keep up with multiple logins & passwords for each review site

We alert you instantly about new reviews

  • Respond and solve problems before its too late
  • Never be caught unaware of an online reputation problem

Happy Dentists

Dr. John Sparaga, Orthodontist

Dr. John Sparaga, Orthodontist

Clear Smiles, AK

"First Dentist did a wonderful job creating a cohesive, easily navigable, well-designed site from scratch that is now listed at the top of Google searches.”

Dr. Larry Frankel, DMD, MS

Dr. Larry Frankel, DMD, MS

Cleveland, OH

“First Dentist goes the extra mile to satisfy their customers and puts their all into the project.”

Dr. Ed Kwan, DDS, MSD, PS

Dr. Ed Kwan, DDS, MSD, PS

Seattle, WA

“First Dentist made the process simple, straightforward and a lot easier than I thought it would be.”

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