Facebook Ads for Dentists

Advertise Your Dental Practice on Facebook!

Facebook is a valuable method of advertising for dentists. It allows you to target specific geographic areas and demographics, such as mothers in your area or seniors who might need dental implants. These advanced targeting options make Facebook advertising an essential source of new patients for modern dental practices. Easily reach new patients where they are already spending time.

Acquire Patients from Facebook

At First Dentist, our knowledgeable marketing strategists help dentists acquire new patients from all the most effective online marketing channels. We coordinate all of your digital marketing activities so you’ll be visible on the platforms where most people spend time. The benefits for dentists include: 


1. Strategic Marketing Approach

We create a Facebook advertising strategy that compliments your local search marketing and website marketing to ensure you get your message and brand in front of the right people. Facebook allows you to target specific neighborhoods, demographics and even interests. You can even target very specific groups, like high income mothers with children or teenagers, or seniors who may want dental implants.


2. Landing Pages Built to Convert

We don’t just send new patients to your homepage, we design custom landing pages that are focused on turning website visitors into leads for your practice. First Dentist marketing optimized landing pages are built to engage visitors with the specific benefits and features of the procedures you’d like to promote. Optimized forms and lead generation technology ensure they can easily contact your practice in a cost effective manner.


3. Unique Dental Strategy

First Dentist understands the different services in the dental market, like orthodontics and dental implants. We work with you to create engaging offers that are designed to convert. Most advertising agencies don’t understand the intricacies of the dental services market.

Happy Dentists

Dr. John Sparaga, Orthodontist

Dr. John Sparaga, Orthodontist

Clear Smiles, AK

"First Dentist did a wonderful job creating a cohesive, easily navigable, well-designed site from scratch that is now listed at the top of Google searches.”

Dr. Larry Frankel, DMD, MS

Dr. Larry Frankel, DMD, MS

Cleveland, OH

“First Dentist goes the extra mile to satisfy their customers and puts their all into the project.”

Dr. Ed Kwan, DDS, MSD, PS

Dr. Ed Kwan, DDS, MSD, PS

Seattle, WA

“First Dentist made the process simple, straightforward and a lot easier than I thought it would be.”

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