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While search engine optimization offers some of the best return on investment of any marketing tactic, pay per click advertising is also an essential part of online dental marketing efforts. There are a number of digital marketing tactics that work together to provide business owners and professionals the kind of visibility they need online. Pay per click advertising, also called PPC or Google AdWords, is very effective and can ensure that your wesbsite appears at the top of the search engines almost immediately. It also offers excellent short term return on investment for dental practices. The best dental marketing strategy includes both SEO and PPC.

Simple and effective – patients on demand

Pay per click advertising targets the keywords or phrases a person is searching for in Google. A well-planned PPC campaign that is centered on the words or phrases your potential new patients are searching for, will display your business’ ads at the top of the search results. When the potential new patient clicks on your ad, they will be directed to your website. PPC ads have greater potential to translate into new patients.

The Benefits of PPC Advertising


The benefits of including PPC in your online marketing strategy include:


Patients on Demand
Marketing requirements are never stagnant and that means, your marketing strategy should also be flexible. With PPC you have the flexibility to switch-on & off these AdWords. This gives you the opportunity to launch and advertise time-sensitive offers in a very significant way.
Budget Flexibility
There are times when you may feel you want to increase your ad spend or would like to lower it on slower days. This is possible with Pay Per Click. You can change the budget settings and this gets updated on that same day.
The Pay Per Click system gives you the functionality to view the number of users who have clicked on your business and you are also able to follow the actions they have taken on your site.
You have the ability to track all conversions. You can also calculate what the cost per conversion is. This gives you the chance to measure Return on Investment in a very effective manner.
Pay Per Click is a very cost-effective online marketing tool as you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. This helps you keep a handle on your marketing expenses.
Reputation Management

First Dentist includes the incredibly valuable Proven Local software with every SEO package it sells. Proven Local will make it easy for you solicit positive reviews and get your patients to post them online. A great online reputation is an essential part of every practice success story.

Google PPC Experts

First Dentist will help you reap the full benefits of your PPC campaign. We will conduct the necessary keyword research and design a comprehensive Google AdWords strategy. We will track of how the campaign is performing, conduct a thorough analysis and make any necessary adjustments to deliver the results you need. When it is done right, PPC is an effective way to reach your target audience.

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Dr. John Sparaga, Orthodontist

Dr. John Sparaga, Orthodontist

Clear Smiles, AK

"First Dentist did a wonderful job creating a cohesive, easily navigable, well-designed site from scratch that is now listed at the top of Google searches.”

Dr. Larry Frankel, DMD, MS

Dr. Larry Frankel, DMD, MS

Cleveland, OH

“First Dentist goes the extra mile to satisfy their customers and puts their all into the project.”

Dr. Ed Kwan, DDS, MSD, PS

Dr. Ed Kwan, DDS, MSD, PS

Seattle, WA

“First Dentist made the process simple, straightforward and a lot easier than I thought it would be.”

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